Extend the life of your pavement investment and increase your property’s curb appeal.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional company that does parking lot sealcoating in Toronto and the GTA, then look no further than Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc.

POLY-TAR High Durability Seal Coat Process


Parking lots are powerswept and the entire surface is blown completely dust free using high-pressure blowers to ensure final proper preparation of the surface prior to the sealcoat being applied. Powersweeping is an essential requirement of proper surface preparation. Without that physical scrubbing of the pavement during the preparation process, sealer may not bond properly to the asphalt surface.

Line painting blacked-out

Parking lot lines should be blacked-out prior to any sealcoat being applied.

Bonding primer applied

Bonding primer is used on any oil, gas or rust stains so the sealer can properly bond.

Lot is edged with Poly Tar Sealer

A thick bead of POLY-TAR sealer is placed along the curbs and all edges.

Sealcoating edges with squeegee and brushes

Squeegees or brushes are used to carefully hand apply the POLY-TAR along all curbs, walls, or stonework at all perimeter edges. Care is always taken to ensure no product overspray occurs on any border surface.

Sealcoating with sprayer

Once edging is complete, a single hand sprayed pass of sealer is carefully applied, directed away from all curb edges. On smaller projects, we hand spray POLY-TAR to provide a heavy, even coat on the entire pavement surface.

Seal coating with spray machine

On larger projects, our self-propelled sealcoat machine sprays coats of sealer at up to 14 feet wide and provides unmatched job production to meet tight schedules on your large parking lot projects.

Fresh line painting

Fresh lines are repainted in the parking lot to match your existing or new layout configuration.

Poly-Tar Seal Coat Project Profile:

A printing and distribution facility thought two-steps ahead and decided to save money longterm by protecting one of the largest investments a suburban property owner makes- their asphalt pavement assets. They contacted Sure-Seal Pavement Inc. in request of some information about their sand slurry sealcoating services as well as other pavement maintenance work. Knowing that our quality work and products will help extend their asphalt’s life and contribute to the beauty of the property, they chose Sure-Seal Pavement Inc. to assist in the project.

Prior to sealcoating, the pavement underwent asphalt repair work, and 50,000 linear feet of crack sealing. Then, after power sweeping the property and using a bonding primer, seal coating commenced. Close to 2,000,000 sq. ft. of asphalt was sealed using Black Diamond Ultimate Pavement Coating. Parking lots receiving two coats of the slurry sealer and roadways receiving three coats to protect the asphalt according to the traffic levels it will experience.

The property was left with a sleek, flat black, uniform appearance that has lasted to this day and the pavement remains in great condition. This is just one of the many successful projects completed in the last few years by Sure-Seal Pavement Inc.

Poly-Tar Seal Coat Project Profile
Poly-Tar Seal Coat Project Profile Before
Poly-Tar Seal Coat Project Profile After